Business Management

Rauch understands the importance of communicating in a language that makes sense at all levels of the organization, translating corporate strategy into operational results.

Turnarounds and Restructuring

Rauch’s specializes in improving corporate financial and operational performance, executing corporate turnarounds and restructuring for underperforming companies or in the representation of their creditor constituents, resolving urgent situations and implementing rapid change. More

Every business has its ups and downs. However, when managing cash takes more time than managing growth, the company is a candidate for a turnaround.

In most cases, if a once-successful business is struggling, it is not a financing or capital issue, but a people-related issue, employees, management, or owners.

Many turnaround consultants and advisors immediately focus on the business plan, create and fill binders with reports (no binder has ever made a profit) and clean house.

Utilizing a practical, results-oriented approach, we work side by side with both management teams and stakeholders to quickly define, align, and scale the data gathering and assessment based on client needs.

Under unbiased management, both the core executive team and employees must collectively analyze each part of the business for margin improvement, sustainable competitive advantage, and return on resources, e.g., machinery, labor, space, capital investment, management attention, etc.

While in some cases there are employees that need to be dismissed or replaced, it’s extremely important to maintain the talent that originally created the concept or brand; they are the company.

A properly managed and executed turnaround can take a struggling or failing business and make it successful. Saving, the company, the brand and jobs.

Managed Divestment for Business Owners

Many socially responsible business owners who are contemplating retirement are faced with the challenge of how to depart from their companies while having a plan in place which will allow for the businesses that they have built over a lifetime, to continue to provide economic stability and quality goods and services to their local community and region after their departure. More

Rauch International, together with its strategic partners can provide these owners the opportunity to divest themselves while positioning their companies through evaluation and growth strategies to appeal to investors, thus providing legacy for the owners and long-term stability for the companies, the employees and the community.

Interim Management

Interim Management is the rapid delivery of experienced ‘hands on’ executives for a defined period of time to deliver outcomes, implement change, fill unexpected gaps, restructure the organization, turn around under-performing projects or divisions or deliver a critical project.

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