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About Us

Trusted by Clients since 2001, Rauch International Group is an innovative, experienced and knowledge-based advisory and management company that has successfully delivered on some of the most unique and challenging Investment, Trade, Business and Development Projects Internationally.

Current and past projects include Real Estate Development, Transportation/Logistics, Technology and Business Development, Commercial and Hi Rise Properties, Hotel and Casino Properties, Infrastructure Bridges, Event Centers, Theme Parks, Museums, Shipyards, Shipping, Hydroelectric, Oil and Gas and special projects for Government departments.

Rauch International Group, its Divisions and Subsidiaries are committed to the development of long-term relationships through the consistent delivery of excellence, the highest ethical and professional standards, trust, open communication and mutual respect.

Localized social investment is a mandate of Rauch International Group. Therefore, we mandate that our Firms utilize local assets and resources on projects whenever possible. Alliances with local governments and industries provide support, personnel and materials, enabling our Firms to execute efficiently and effectively in virtually any region or community in any country.

Our dedicated, capable, and experienced leaders guide us to achieve our vision and to ensure that Rauch stays a global leader in international investment, trade and business development projects and activities.

Our Board of Directors is committed to strong corporate governance practices that promote and protect the long-term interests of our shareholders.

We design our corporate governance practices to provide a strong and balanced framework for the Board in upholding its fiduciary responsibilities and to promote accountability within and trust in the Company. Our Board believes that effective corporate governance principles and practices, as articulated in the Company’s policies are essential to Rauch International’s long-term success.

Rauch International Group is privileged to have the support, expertise, and connections offered by our diverse Advisor Board, who provide critical expertise and guidance greatly facilitating the advancement of our work. We're privileged and grateful to have them as allies, friends, and mentors.

Divisions & Subsidiaries

With focus on specific industry sectors and markets, Rauch Divisions and Subsidiaries work in both an individual and collaborative fashion to provide Clients best in class services.